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Wednesday, April 18


A World of Opportunity Awaits: Study Abroad Gym Lobby Amateurism In NCAA and How It Affects Student Athletes Lumsden Gym An Investigation of the Standardized Walking Obstacle Course (SWOC) for People with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Lumsden Gym Appearance Discrimination: The Ethics of Basing Hiring Decisions on Physical Appearance Lumsden Gym Archive of Literary Britain Underrepresented in Scholarship (ALBUS) Project Lumsden Gym Art and the Artist in Tennyson's “The Lady of Shalott” Lumsden Gym Backwards Gait as a Predictor of Postural Stability & Risk of Falls in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease Lumsden Gym Bacterial Resistant Xerogel Coatings for Urinary Tract Infection Prevention Lumsden Gym Barriers and Facilitators Related to the Transition Stage from Graduate Nurses to Registered Nurses Lumsden Gym Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening Among Refugee Women Lumsden Gym Bridging the Communication Gap: Using ASL to Improve Communication for Children with Disabilities Lumsden Gym Can Sports be Separate from Gambling? Lumsden Gym Challenges Learning English as a Refugee Lumsden Gym Decline in Youth Sports Participation Lumsden Gym Differences in Clinical Decision Making Between Orthopedic Physical Therapists Lumsden Gym Economic Impact of Sports Franchises on a City Lumsden Gym Effect of Whole Body Vibration in Combination with Stretching on Hamstring Force Output and Functional Hop in Individuals, 18-35 Years Old, with a History of Hamstring Strain Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Cervical Traction in Modulating Pain and Reducing Symptoms in Patients with Cervical Radiculopathy Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Compression in Modulating Lymphedema Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Compression in Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Diathermy in Tissue Healing Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Electrical Stimulation on Regaining Muscular Strength Post-Operation Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of High Voltage Pulsed Current for Wound Care Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Ice on Pain Modulation Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Iontophoresis in Modulating Pain and Inflammation for Musculoskeletal Conditions Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Lumbar Traction in Treatment of Patients with Lumbar Radiculopathy Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Moist Heat in Tissue Extensibility Lumsden Gym Effects of Boat Fuel on Water Chemistry of Lake Erie Lumsden Gym Effects of Classroom Based Yoga on Gross Motor Skills and Self-Regulation in Preschool Aged Children with Developmental Delays Lumsden Gym Effects of Foam Rolling the Quadriceps vs Hamstrings Muscles on Hamstring Extensibility  Lumsden Gym Efficacy of Electrical Stimulation and Pain Modulation Lumsden Gym Efficacy of Low Level Laser Therapy on Pain Modulation Lumsden Gym Efficacy of Therapeutic Ultrasound on Tissue Extensibility Lumsden Gym Employee Assistance Programs In The Workforce Lumsden Gym Energy: How it’s Constantly Changing the World Lumsden Gym Environmental Sustainability in Manufacturing Lumsden Gym Evaluating the Implementation of Check In, Check Out Lumsden Gym Evaluation of Non-Profit Foundation’s Support Services for Female Adolescent Cancer Patients Lumsden Gym Examining Pathways Supervised Visitation Program: Improving Client Retention & Overall Functioning Lumsden Gym Examining PNF Diagonals as a Diagnostic Tool Lumsden Gym Examining Provision of Social Support to Families Coping with Pediatric Cancer Lumsden Gym Examining the Effectiveness of Check In/Check Out in Moderating Problem Behavior Lumsden Gym Explicit Strategy Instruction for Teaching Executive Function Strategies to Students with Learning Differences in an Academic After-School Program Lumsden Gym Extensibility of Human Tissue with Shortwave Diathermy Application: Literature Review Lumsden Gym Factors that Impact Return to Progression in High School Athletes Sustaining a Concussion Lumsden Gym Hemorrhage and Adipose Tissue in the Development of Deep Tissue Pressure Injuries Lumsden Gym Horizontal Gene Transfer with Eukaryotes Lumsden Gym Identifying the Needs of GLBTQ Youth in Western New York Lumsden Gym Immigrant Women & The Violence Against Women Act Lumsden Gym Improving Academic Performance and Behavior through Program Intervention Lumsden Gym Influence of Digital Marketing on Traditional Media & Consumerism Lumsden Gym Investigating the Role the PI3K Cellular Pathway Plays in Larval Development, as well as Adult Morphology in Butterflies Lumsden Gym Macroinvertebrate and Periphyton Negatively Affected by Increasing Seasonal Salinity Lumsden Gym Maintaining Relationships and Identities After a Diagnosis of Illness or Disability Lumsden Gym Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" and Modern Medical Ethics" Lumsden Gym Methods For Teaching Cultural Competence to Physical Therapy Students Lumsden Gym Neurotoxins from Lake Erie Cyanobacteria: Bioaccumulation Study Lumsden Gym Observation of Female Tiger in Captivity Lumsden Gym Ovaries and Testes, Oh My! Lumsden Gym Paralegal Service Learning: Asylum Seekers at Vive Shelter Lumsden Gym Poster Sessions Lumsden Gym Predictor Variables for First Time Success on the National Physical Therapy Examination Lumsden Gym Product Recalls and its Effects on Business, Marketing, and the Consumer Lumsden Gym Providing MICA Groups at the Erie County Holding Center: Evaluating an Emerging Practice Lumsden Gym Psychological Impact of Sports Injuries Lumsden Gym Quality of Life in Individuals with an Integumentary Disorder Lumsden Gym Re-lion on Behavior Lumsden Gym Refugee Children Succeeding Through Reading Lumsden Gym Screening & Management Practices for Patients who are Prediabetic Lumsden Gym Sea Lion Interactions at the Buffalo Zoo: Are There Differences in Captivity? Lumsden Gym Service Learning at Frank A. Sedita Lumsden Gym Social Media Use in Discovery Lumsden Gym Squirrel Monkeys' Cohabitation Habits at the Buffalo Zoo Lumsden Gym Sunbittern Parental Behavior Lumsden Gym The Commodification of Slavery Lumsden Gym The Effect of Concussions on Academic Performance, Balance, and Reaction Time Lumsden Gym The Effect of Foam Rolling on Dorsiflexion Range of Motion and Functional Hop Test Performance Lumsden Gym The Effect of Sports Franchises on Cities Lumsden Gym The Effectiveness of Kinesio Tape on Isometric Vastus Medialis Strength During Knee Extension Lumsden Gym The Effects of Foam Rolling on Hamstring Flexibility Lumsden Gym The Effects of Kinesiology Tape on Calf Activation and Endurance Lumsden Gym The Effects of MovNat Training on Functional Movement and Working Memory Lumsden Gym The Effects of Music on Aerobic Performance Lumsden Gym The Effects of Stander Device Use on Lower Extremity Bone Density Lumsden Gym The Effects of Static vs. Dynamic Warm-Up on Vertical Jump Performance Lumsden Gym The Effects of the Biocide Triclosan on Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Lumsden Gym The Effects of Whole-Body Vibration on Knee Extension ROM & Functional Hop in Healthy Individuals Lumsden Gym The Efficacy of the McKenzie Method for Management of Extremity Joint Conditions Lumsden Gym The Ethical Aspects of Advertising Lumsden Gym The Good and Bad: Consequences of Product Design and Packaging Lumsden Gym The Impact of Technology and Equipment in Sports Lumsden Gym The Impact of Technology on Business Success and Competition Lumsden Gym The Importance and Ethics of Sustainable Business Practices Lumsden Gym The Level of Stress Perceived by Saudi Nursing Students During Their Initial Clinical Rotation Lumsden Gym The Negative Effects of Life-Long Minority Status in Mothers on Infant Mortality Rates Lumsden Gym The Political State of Burma (Myanmar) and Its Relation to Their Refugee Crisis Lumsden Gym The Reliability and Validity of the Pediatric Balance Scale Second Edition Lumsden Gym The Reliability of the Tuck Jump Assessment: A Review of Literature Lumsden Gym The Socio-Economic Effects of Sexual Harassment in the Hospitality Industry Lumsden Gym The Therapeutic Effects of Laser Therapy on Tissue Healing Lumsden Gym Tooth Morphology and Function in the Snake Tribe Thamnophinii Lumsden Gym Transitions Throughout a Typical School Day: Strategies for Children with Autism in Early Childhood Lumsden Gym Undergraduate Honors Statistics Experience: Multiple Linear Regression Using SPSS Software to Predict Grades from Measures of State Anxiety Lumsden Gym Undergraduate Honors Statistics Experience: Studying the Study of the Studies of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Healthy Adults Lumsden Gym Unethical Practices in the NCAA Lumsden Gym Use of Positive Behavioral Interventions with Severely Behaviorally Challenged Children Lumsden Gym Using Low-Tech Assistive Technology to Promote the Successful Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in the Early Childhood Setting Lumsden Gym Water Chemistry, Enzyme Activity, and Fatty Acid Concentrations as Indicators of Water Quality of Erie County Streams Lumsden Gym “Clean Slates”: The Romantic Poets and the Perception of Childhood Lumsden Gym